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Commercial Investment Capital Group, Inc.

Commercial Real Estate Financing - CALL TODAY (614) 636-4844

Insurance Companies lend nationwide and offer non-recourse financing alternatives for real estate owners. The benefits of life insurance company financing include the ability to lock in a long-term fixed-rate mortgage. Life insurance companies have an appetite for all types of commercial properties. Credit tenant lease deals also are desirable properties to finance. Currently life companies favor income-oriented investments, such as apartments, community shopping centers, and industrial properties

Loan Amounts:

$5,000,000 to $50,000,000

Eligible Property Types:

Most Property Types

Occupancy Requirement:

Owner Occupied or Investment (90%or more occupancy)

Loan to Value:

Up to 75% of property appraised value (possibly 80% max)

Typical Interest Rate:

5.50% - 6.50%

Minimum DSCR:



Up to 20 Term / 15-30 Year Amortization

Prepayment Penalty:

Yield Maintenance or Step Down - negotiable

Minimum Credit Score:

650 middle