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Commercial Investment Capital Group, Inc.

Commercial Real Estate Financing - CALL TODAY (614) 636-4844

Private Lenders function as subsidiaries of federally chartered institutions & private equity groups and bridge the Borrower to permanent exit financing. A number of business owners & real estate investors do not always meet the credit profiles required by many banks, either because the Borrower does not have the cash flow or reserves required to support traditional bank financing, or the subject project property has not yet stabilized. This program offers financing options for short term & long term debt.

Loan Amounts:

$75,000 to $20,000,000

Eligible Property Types:

Most Property Types

Occupancy Requirement:

Owner Occupied & Investment

Loan to Value:

Up to 75% of property appraised value 

Typical Interest Rate:

9.99% - 13.00%

Minimum DSCR:



Interest-Only or Term Amortization up to 30 Years

Prepayment Penalty:


Minimum Credit Score:

550 middle