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Commercial Investment Capital Group, Inc.

Commercial Real Estate Financing - CALL TODAY (614) 636-4844

Rental Portfolio Loan

5 or more rental units and up to 500 units total

One loan payment

Single-family, Duplex, Triplex, 4-family, condo, townhome, and multifamily properties

Stabilized (leased) portfolio

$500K - $100MM+

Up to 75% of LTV

5, 7, 10 year fixed

30 year amortization

Purchase or Refinance

Non-recourse options available

Foreign Nationals eligible

Nationwide lending

Single Rental Property Loan

Individual Rental Properties

Single-family, 2-4 units, townhome, PUD's

Currently (or soon) leased

$100K - $2MM

Up to 75%

30 year fixed or 5/1 ARM

Purchase or Refinance

Individual, LP's, or LLC's

Minimum FICO 650

Nationwide lending

Fix & Flip Exposure Limit Loan

Rehab loan for non-owner occupied residential investment property
SFR, 2-4 units, multifamily (5-20 units), mixed-use, condos
Interest rates as low as 6.75%
$50K - $1MM

12 month standard term, 18 month option available

Up to 70% ARV or 90% LTC

Up to 100% rehab budget up to % approved LTV of total costs

Individual or Entity

Minimum experience is 3+ (flips, builds, rentals owned in the last 36 months)